Sunday, May 27, 2012


About three months ago I bought this sweet bike. After a dozen or so years commuting to school on old, used, or even free bikes, I thought I needed - and deserved - something easier to ride, and safer.
Ready for the home stretch, last time.
Then about a month later, I decided to retire.

Go figure. Maybe I had my mind on my retirement, who knows what was going through my mind at the time?

So I have 20 working days left - after which I will no longer be Biking to School. Maybe I'll try to chronicle those days here. But I know very well the toll the end of the year takes on my time, so I won't make any promises.

It's the Memorial Day weekend  - my 31st as a public school teacher. This weekend has always been a serious benchmark in the school year. If you make it to Memorial Day, hey, you're almost there, it's homestretch time.

It's been a good, good ride. I plan on savoring every piece of my final homestretch.

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