Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fixin' Odds and Ends

Fixed my rear brake yesterday, which had broken off a couple of weeks ago. The ride to and from school today, during our mid-winter break, was a lot more relaxing.
Toasted computers

Last week 2 of my 12 desktops gave up the ghost. They had been slowly failing for a while. Support is me, so I spent a few hours on the problem today. I replaced one cpu with a machine I'd had sitting around for a few years "just in case". Running Windows 2K. Had 3 apart at one point, swapping hard drives, power supplies, and messing with switches. Logged on as admin to the other and am deleting as much unnecessary stuff as possible, so it will run.

The solutions are far from perfect, but they are about all I can do. These computers are still my school's best collection of computers outside of our computer lab. In many ways they are better than the lab. People still want to come and see what's going on in our class. Held together these days with duct tape, crossed fingers, and hours spent on them during breaks, it feels good when we're running on most cylinders.