Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today we came the closest to a lock-down that I have seen at Arbor Heights in the past 21 years. It's a very Sleepy Hollow school, both in nature and in location. Everyone was fine.

After a very intense school day, we had a staff meeting - where we spent over two hours trying to plan the calendar of special events for NEXT YEAR. Ugh. I actually voted on a couple of items, even though I won't be there. I was not voting for what I wanted. I voted for what I thought would be best for the kids of the school. Very interesting experience.

The attitude was very positive. Lots of laughter, actually. Sometimes this task has been really painful. But the meeting today was different, sort of like there was an admitted dysfunction that we could deal with - and even look back at with a smile.

I kept watching my colleagues, trying to visualize them in a meeting there next year. I left feeling good, positive, even a little hopeful about the future of the school.

But there is this nagging sadness over the erosion of, and in some cases disappearance of, events that we have done just for fun with the kids.

Looking to ramp up the fun factor over the next few days, 18 to go as a teacher.

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