Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today I officially notified my school district that I am retiring, and I asked for the "retirement packet" to be sent to me. The last minute timing of this critical notification was for the benefit of my colleagues, not for my convenience or peace of mind. I waited until the last possible moment, risking my own financial future, to protect the jobs of one or two of my colleagues.

Today I read Throw a Few Million American Teachers on the Barbie from Gary Stager, about the teachers' strike in Australia. They struck to stand together, to make a point about the importance of schools being a collaborative, and not a competitive, environment.

Schools are not just any old workplace, they are unique. Twelve more days to be a teacher.

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  1. Hey, Mark, you'll always be a teacher. You taught me, an adult, about blogging in the classroom, about adopting and adapting technology to meet the needs of your students, and much more. I, too, retired this year, but I'll always be a teacher.