Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Charter Threat & Back to School

The day dawned extra-dark, I thought. What about those supposedly longer days?

There is a showdown coming in the WA state legislature, with a bill pending that will open the door for charters in this state. To most of the country already infiltrated with a growing number of charter schools, this probably seems like a so what.To the nine states like Washington that do not allow charters, it is a very BIG deal.

Here's a decidedly one-sided (the right side) discussion:

Wanting to do something to stem the tide, I can't seem to find the right place, given my time restraints. And I am definitely hamstrung from easily communicating with my colleagues, because I need to be ever so careful about "political" discussions carried by district resources, i.e., email.  Twitter is ok, but it's pretty much preaching to the choir. So I keep adding to my delicious category, and thinking.

01-03-12 Christmas XO TrioMeanwhile, teaching goes on. It was a heavy load on my back this morning, with 2 XO laptops in addition to the usual... I had them at home over the Break to help with the setup and configuration of these three newcomers, which I "debricked" a couple of days ago. I'll haul them in over the next couple of days. 

My brakes were great today, even in the rain. Best of all were the kids. I have a wonderful class. Happy New Year!

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